Monday, April 18, 2016

Window on Muscat

This month I am staying at the artist residency in Bait Al Zubair, Muscat-Oman. I have an open studio there. If you would like to visit to see the work I am producing while staying here, feel free to pass by!
I will be exhibiting at Gallery Sarah on Tuesday the 26th of April at 7 pm
I hope to see you there!

While in Muscat, I was impressed by the preserved architecture and the effort to maintain strong traditions as part of the national identity. Seeing the locals wearing the national dress walking in the streets gives this place a unique cityscape. While preserving its past, the city is also constantly modernizing and changing. You can find here also the characteristics of all the capitals in the world: people from all parts of the world working and living together, modern buildings, shopping malls and international brands. This interesting contrast between the old preserved city and the modern cosmopolitan capital was really inspiring to me. 
My work is based on drawings and paintings commenting on daily life and stories spread by the news. In Muscat, I was able to work on one of my favorite subject: people and daily life in an urban environment, with some unique local features. I loved seeing the elderly gathered in public spaces and playing traditional games or sitting and watching the new generations that are creating the new face of Muscat. I liked spending time in Bait Al Zubair Museum to study the traditional Omani dress. And every day, I looked at the local newspapers to get to know the local perspective on world news. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Exhibition extended during April at Skriðuklaustur


If you go to East Iceland, you can still see my work at Galleri Klaustur during the month of April. 

The cultural centre and café will be open every day in April at these hours: Weekdays 12pm-3pm and weekends 2pm-5pm
for more info visit:

From Beirut to Brussels
This exhibition shows some recent works I have been doing since 2014. During that year, I produced a daily drawing on recycled material (newspaper and fabrics), about what was happening around me in Beirut and in the news. The result is a wall installation of drawings witnessing major events and daily life seen from this city.
As I left Lebanon in 2015, my work turned into sketchbooks and drawings commenting on the different social and political realities I faced while traveling in Europe. 
One part of the exhibition is the work in progress I am working on here in Iceland. The installation will allow the visitor to witness my path as an artist for the last 2 years.