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Friday, June 16, 2017

Across The Sea exhibition

Across The Sea
Sandra Issa Exhibition
3-25 June 2017
Mouscron Cultural center Belgium

My  #project is #inspired by the tragedy happening in the #Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of #people are fleeing their war-torn homes, risking their lives to reach #Europe while seeking for #safety and a better life. We heard a lot about it in the news. But slowly, these people became just numbers of dead we count in a small article drowned in a massive amount of information. As a #citizen of the world, born in a #multicultural background, I feel moved by this #human tragedy. My project is to bring back this story in our lives. My project is an #installation of dozens and hundreds of #black and #white portraits, painted with #acrylic on #newspapers and spread like a #sea of #faces on the ground. Those faces are looking at us. They are the faces I #imagine when I think about all these people who disappeared in the bottom of the Sea. This project can also be a time-based performance: dozens of portraits flood the #space progressively. These are portraits of men and women, inspired by all these
#migrants . The portraits are made on newspaper with thick #brush and black and white paint. The #process of making these portraits can be a #live painting performance accessible to the public. This project is now being shown inside an old #swimming pool that has become an #exhibition #space in Belgium. This project was also developed during a #residency at the #Cultural Center of Namur in Belgium.