Sunday, April 3, 2016

Exhibition extended during April at Skriðuklaustur


If you go to East Iceland, you can still see my work at Galleri Klaustur during the month of April. 

The cultural centre and café will be open every day in April at these hours: Weekdays 12pm-3pm and weekends 2pm-5pm
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From Beirut to Brussels
This exhibition shows some recent works I have been doing since 2014. During that year, I produced a daily drawing on recycled material (newspaper and fabrics), about what was happening around me in Beirut and in the news. The result is a wall installation of drawings witnessing major events and daily life seen from this city.
As I left Lebanon in 2015, my work turned into sketchbooks and drawings commenting on the different social and political realities I faced while traveling in Europe. 
One part of the exhibition is the work in progress I am working on here in Iceland. The installation will allow the visitor to witness my path as an artist for the last 2 years.